Standing Seam and Metal Roofing Shingles Installation in MA

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About Metal Roofing MA

We rely on years of experience and craftsmanship in installation of ALL metal roofing systems.

Our most popular type of metal roof is Steel Metal Shingles Roof by Tamko – this system offers the best price / value ratio, and is one of the most beautiful metal roofing products available on the market. You can choose from Slate, Cedar Shingles or Flat Tile looks, and a wide range of colors. These steel shingles are made with premium G-90 steel, and are painted with Kynar 500 premium metal roofing paint. Tamko steel shingles carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty from TAMKO, and we provide a 10 years labor warranty on all our installations.

Metal Roofing MA – Installation and repair services in MA, CT, RI and NY:

Standing Seam Metal Roof - Plymouth MA

Our Unique Metal Roof Installation Approach:

With decades of combined experience in metal roofing installation, we have gathered and developed the best metal roof installation techniques. This set of techniques is unique to us, and we use them on every roof we install, to make sure that it meets the highest industry standards.

Certainly any roofer can nail down a shingle – but can they properly install valleys, skylight and chimney flashing, or roof pitch transition detail, making sure that these Leak-Prone areas never actually leak? Most roofing contractors CANNOT do this or are not willing to put in extra time into these tedious, but essential details present in ANY metal roof installation.

We do not hire subcontractors to install our metal roofing systems – instead both owners of the company are on the job installing YOUR roof, and making sure that every essential detail is done RIGHT!

Metal Roofing Materials We Install:

  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing
  • Metal Roofing Shingles
  • Stone Coated Metal Roofing
  • Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Zinc
  • Metal Roof Repairs

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  1. Gene Main says:

    I’m looking to have a metal roof installed on a 36×60 foot flat roof Soon !

  2. michael rogers says:

    hello looking for standing seam metal roof on cape cod need some pricing and information

  3. Wayne Howe says:

    We need a new roof and we are interested in a standing seem system.

  4. Cal Vintage says:

    Approach to metal roofs is a better option than other roofing platforms. And following a roofing contractor is an easy job, but following some decent, professional guys are quiet tough.

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