Standing Seam and Metal Roofing Shingles Installation in MA

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Metal Roofing Snow Guards

Many people like and want to get a metal roof to prevent ice dams from forming up at the eaves of the roof, and causing leaks. Metal roofs do great job at preventing ice dams, as snow slides off the metal before it has a chance to freeze and form an ice dam. Even if […]

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Metal Roofing Price Calculator

Wonder how much a new Metal Roof costs in Massachusetts? Estimate the Metal Roof installation / replacement cost for Steel or Aluminum Shingles, Snap-Lock Standing Seam, R-Panel exposed fastener metal panels, Stone Coated Steel Tile system, and IB PVC low-slope roofing. To calculate your metal roof cost, use our tool below – enter your roof […]

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Prevent Ice Dams with Metal Roofing

Are you tired of dealing with roof leaks caused by ice dams and paying hundreds of dollars to repair damage caused to your home? Are solutions such as improving your ventilation and insulation not doing the trick? Then a metal roof may be the permanent solution you have been looking for. Many homeowners tend to […]

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The US government provides tax incentives for homeowners who are building or renovating homes using energy efficient building materials. If you plan to install a metal roof in the course of the next year, the good news is that it qualifies you for a Residential Energy Tax Credit. The tax credit for roofs is effective […]

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Standing Seam Metal Roof Guide for Homeowners

Today, many savvy homeowners are choosing to install standing seam metal roofs for their durability, longevity, low maintenance, energy efficiency and great curb appeal. Our complete guide to standing seam roofing will enable you to make an educated decision whether this is the right roofing material for your home. Standing Seam Metal Roof Overview A […]

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How to choose Metal Roof Color

If you are a homeowner looking to install a metal roof, one of the most exciting things is figuring out what color you want your new metal roof to be. From the modern look of shiny metal, to the looks that replicate shingles, slate, and tile, you can customize the color and texture of your […]

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Metal Roofing Colors

It used to be that homeowners invested in metal roofing for purely practical reasons of wanting the best and longest lasting protection for their homes, without much regard for aesthetics. This is not the case any more, thanks to developments in advanced metal roofing paint technology, which now offers aesthetically minded home owners an unprecedented […]

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About Metal Roofing MA

We rely on years of experience and craftsmanship in installation of ALL metal roofing systems. Our most popular type of metal roof is Steel Metal Shingles Roof by Tamko – this system offers the best price / value ratio, and is one of the most beautiful metal roofing products available on the market. You can […]

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