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How to choose Metal Roof Color

If you are a homeowner looking to install a metal roof, one of the most exciting things is figuring out what color you want your new metal roof to be. From the modern look of shiny metal, to the looks that replicate shingles, slate, and tile, you can customize the color and texture of your metal roof to match the architectural style of your home, as well as reflect your personal taste. With all this options to choose from, it is easy to get lost in the aesthetics and loose sight of important practical factors, such as: paint quality, energy efficiency, house trends in your neighborhood, and the look of paint under different lighting conditions.

Paint Quality

All modern metal roofs have a special protective paint coating. However, not all paint coatings are created equal and it is important to go for one that is guaranteed to protect your roof and to last. Kynar 500® paint coatings are considered to be top of the line in the metal roofing industry and come with a 30 year warranty. This specially formulated paint system combines ceramic pigmentation with polyvinylidene fluoride for a superior, long-lasting performance and has been treated with a special acrylic resin to block ultraviolet light. Paint systems that use Kynar 500 resin are known for their durability, resistance to chalking and fading, chemical resistance, and color retention. In cases when you are getting competing estimates, be sure that the roofing material is coated with Kynar as opposed to acrylic paint, which is a cheap and not long-lasting alternative.

For our metal roofing installations, we use Drexel Metals and ATAS International High Performance Metal Roofing Finishes for standing seam roof installations and TAMKO MetalWorks for metal shingles installations. These are just some of the many more color choices available.

Drexmet High Performance Metal Roofing Finishes

ATAS High Performance Metal Roofing Finishes

Energy efficiency

By installing a metal roof over other roofing materials, you make a huge step toward making your home energy efficient. Yet, you may not know that the color you choose for your new metal roof, may either increase or decrease your roof’s overall energy efficiency. Lighter colors are considered “cool” and therefore more energy efficient, because they reflect more of the sun’s radiation back into the atmosphere, naturally keeping the inside of your home cooler. Conversely, dark colors absorb a lot of the sun’s heat, storing it inside your home’s attic, thereby significantly raising your cooling costs. If you would like to go with an energy-efficient color option and save money on your monthly electric bill, consult the Energy Star approved list of brands and colors for metal roofs. There are plenty of color choices to choose from on this list, and many are on the dark side of the color spectrum, so you do not need to worry about having to install a white or really light color roof, if such is not your aesthetic preference.

We install standing seam metal roofing materials manufactured by ATAS International and Drexel Metal Corp, and our clients can choose from 32 metal roofing
colors that are Energy Star Rated for this brand. These include: Charcoal Grey, Evergreen Moss, Colonial Red, Deep Blue Sea, Patina Green, Sandstone, Regal White and many more.

You can also save money by taking advantage of a federal tax rebate that is in effect until December 31,2013: you get back 10% of the cost of a metal roof with an Energy-Start approved color (up to $500).

Aesthetic Trends in Your Neighborhood

When choosing a color for your metal roof, it is important to give some consideration to the overall aesthetic trends in your neighborhood. While you want to preserve your home’s unique style and look, you do not want your house to become the eye sore of your neighborhood if you decide to go for a color that is completely out of sink with neighboring residences. Also, while you may not care about your neighbors’ complaints, if you ever choose to sell your home, your potential buyers may be turned off if your house stands out too much from the rest, and selling your home quickly and profitably may be more of a challenge.

Metal roof paint coatings under different lighting conditions

The color samples that you see in a printed catalog or on your computer screen will differ greatly from the actual metal roofing samples. Before you make up your mind and settle for a color that you think you love, ask your contractor to bring you a few metal color samples that you would potentially consider. Be sure to look at these color samples in different lighting conditions, during day time and in the evening, when its sunny and when it is overcast. You will notice that colors look very different depending on the outside lighting, so experiment with different colors and pick one that you like best under most lighting conditions.

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