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Metal Roofing Snow Guards

Many people like and want to get a metal roof to prevent ice dams from forming up at the eaves of the roof, and causing leaks. Metal roofs do great job at preventing ice dams, as snow slides off the metal before it has a chance to freeze and form an ice dam. Even if ice does form on a metal roof, they are designed to be impervious to melting ice water.

However, sometimes you don’t want all the snow to slide off your roof – in particular in places such as your entry ways, garage doors, or if you have outside fixtures that cannot be moved and falling ice can damage them. This is when snow guards should be used. Snow guards are small blocks installed at the eave of a roof (about 1 foot up roof slope) to actually prevent snow/ice from sliding off your roof.

The above video demonstrates installation of mechanically fastened SnoBlox snow guards over Ice Belt panels on a roof in Wrentham, MA.

Having snowguards on your metal roof is very important for your safety and safety of your guests. You do not want a large chunk of snow and ice to fall on your head or onto your car as you are exiting your house. Another purpose that snow guards serve – they protect your gutters which often get ripped out by large ice chunks, when ice falls abruptly.

Typically the snow guards are installed in staggered formation 12-18″ up from drip edge, and are spaced about 16-18″ inches apart. On standing seam metal roofs you can also have a “rail” snow retention system installed – these are very effective on large roofs, and do not require any roof penetrations, as they are mounted to the seam of metal panels.

We include snow guards with all our roof installations – typically we include 7 pieces above main entryway, 7 above secondary entrance (if any) and 11 above garage doors) – totals of 25 snowguards. If your roof requires more snow guards, of if you want a rail system, there will be a small additional charge.

Snow guards can be made of the following materials:

  • Clear acrylic
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Bronze (typically used on copper roofs)

Most snowguards that we install can be color matched to your roof. See some of the pictures of the jobs that included different types of snow retention systems:

2 Responses so far.

  1. Ron Pickle says:

    Yes indeed its always wise to have snow guards installed if home owners want to stay safe and do not want to embarrass themselves or their guests when the unprotected metal roof slides the snow on their heads. If they can buy expensive cars then protecting those priceless possessions with these guards is small investment to make.

  2. Ron Pickle says:

    Snow guards are important and a life saver in the places where there are frequent snowfalls because roof avalanche could lead to injuries, loss of lives and destruction of expensive personal stuff.

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