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Prevent Ice Dams with Metal Roofing

Are you tired of dealing with roof leaks caused by ice dams and paying hundreds of dollars to repair damage caused to your home? Are solutions such as improving your ventilation and insulation not doing the trick? Then a metal roof may be the permanent solution you have been looking for. Many homeowners tend to fall prey to the erroneous philosophy of quick and cheap fix ups when it comes to home repairs. Unfortunately, experience demonstrates that these do not work; instead causing stress, disappointment, wasted time and money. However, once you install a metal roof, you will never have to worry about ice dam build up again.

Massive ice dams build-up at the roof eave in MA

Massive ice dams build-up at the roof eave in MA

Understanding Ice Dams

So how does an ice dam actually cause so much damage? Well, an ice dam is basically a wall of ice that forms on the outside edges / eaves of a sloped roof, as well as in the gutters. Once this wall of ice forms, it does not allow the melted water, i.e. snow (which melts when warm air from the attic rises up) to run down your roof. Instead, this water sits underneath the shingles and soon enough starts leaking right inside your home. Not only can this cause roof leaks and rotting of the roof deck, damage your ceilings, exterior/interior walls, and insulation, this leaking water also has another dangerous side effect of causing mold growth. Especially if you have family members with allergies or asthma, it is imperative to take care of this issue and not risk having respiratory health problems as a result of mold.


If you have a low sloped roof on your home, ice dams have the biggest chance of causing major damage, because it is much easier for the melted water to “travel up” a low sloped vs a steep roof.

In short, ice dams are an internal rather than an external problem and are ultimately caused by poor insulation/ventilation of your attic. When warm air escapes from the attic and melts the snow, you are also incurring hundreds of wasted dollars in heat loss. The size of ice dams that are formed on your roof is proportional to the amount of heat that escapes; the more poorly insulated and ventilated the attic, the more air will escape, the bigger your ice dams will be.

How Do Metal Roofs Protect Against Ice Dams

If you are ready to go for a permanent solution to solve your ice dams problems, install a metal roof. In particular, standing seam metal as well as interlocking metal shingle roofs offer superior protection, as they are designed to be a snow-shedding system that stops ice dams from forming long before they can cause damage to your roof. It is an unbelievably easy solution: a metal roof will simply make the snow slide off the roof, so ice dams will not have time to form, even if your attic is poorly insulated and ventilated. Sometimes, when a snow retention system is installed with a metal roof, and ice dams do form, unlike asphalt shingles roofs, a metal roof will not be susceptible to the water back-ups. This means you will not have to worry about any internal/external damages or mold forming.

5 Responses so far.

  1. David Winslow says:

    Will you guarantee that the standing metal roof will prevent Ice dams if there is not proper ventilation?

    • admin says:

      Hi David,

      You asked a question on our website:

      – Will you guarantee that the standing metal roof will prevent Ice dams if there is not proper ventilation?

      The answer is – absolutely!

      I’m attaching a few pictures of a roof that had ice dams problems for years, and had no ventilation.

      Ice Dams Leaking Roof in Wayland, MA

      As you can see in the 1st picture, the owner put metal strips at roof eaves to prevent ice dams, but those did not work out.

      In 2008 we installed installed a standing seam roof for him, and that was the end of his ice dams. We even had to install snow rail system to keep the snow from sliding off the roof, and there never was an issue.

      SGAF Deck Armor Underlayment

      Standing Seam in Wayland, MA

      We also several other jobs on low sloped roofs, where we used IB PVC membrane, and it completely eliminated all ice dams and roof leaks.

      Please let me know if you need an estimate for your roof.

  2. Penny says:

    I have a mobile home in NH and had a metal roof installed 3 years ago. Lots of snow last year with no problems. This year, not as much snow in Conway as in MA, but we have ice dams! Dont know what to do about it.

    • Ron Pickle says:

      Penny, ice dams prevention could be achieved by Keeping warm air from hitting the roof sheathing, and maintaining good ventilation at the eaves.

  3. Denton Roofer says:

    i think metal roof alone is not the best solution, having cold roof would be a much better option to prevent the ice dams.

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